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Autumn Leaves is a facility that is passionate about its mission to Improve Quality of Life.

We believe that all our residents deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Autumn Leaves realizes that our residents have individual needs, and we specialize in providing the care necessary to fulfill those needs.

Our interdisciplinary team works together with each resident’s doctor and associated health care professionals to develop a plan of care tailored to meet the specific needs of each resident. This plan of care is implemented by a dedicated, professional staff trained to the highest standards of excellence, yet sensitive to the emotional needs of our residents. At Autumn Leaves Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, you will find Quality Care and Superior Service.

Autumn Leaves is proud to be part of the Central Management Company family of nursing facilities, home care agencies, and rehabilitation services. With over 55 years’ experience in the long-term care profession, Central Management facilities continue to earn the respect of our residents and their families, as well as our peers in the medical community. We emphasize and value quality care and superior service in all our facilities throughout the state. Our commitment to Improving Quality of Life is not a passing fad or empty slogan. It is found in every facility, in every administrator, and in every department. At Autumn Leaves, we take our responsibility to be good stewards seriously and put our resources where our priorities are. We believe in continuous staff development and training, substantial reinvesting in upgrading (or rebuilding) our facilities, and adding cutting-edge technology to provide the very best services to our customers.

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